Welcome! I’m Kristy!

I’m a cat mom, vegetarian, world traveler, gym rat, star gazer and a teacher! I teach Spanish in the US and I teach English in Spain. I have been in Madrid since August of 2014.

I made this site to take my teaching to the next level. I love teaching. I was born to teach! I want to reach more people!

A little about my teaching and educational background:

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish grammar and a Master’s degree in Spanish History and Spanish Literature.

I started teaching in 2006. I taught children Spanish in the US for 6 years in an after school program. Then, I taught adults Spanish at a community college for 2 years…then I moved to Spain! Ole!!

My first year in Spain, I taught children from age 8-12. My second year, I changed schools (because I wanted to work inside Madrid) and I taught children from 5 years old to 15 years old). Now, I work at an academy and teach mostly adults. I also prepare students to take the Cambridge First Exam, Cambridge Advanced Exam and Cambridge Proficiency Exam.

I use a method called “Active Learning“, which means the student is much more active and involved in the learning process. I arrange the class to enable as much student involvement as possible. The more the students DO in class, the more they remember. We work together. It’s not just me talking and the students taking notes. We are reading articles and discussing new vocabulary, we are listening to songs and discovering new phrasal verbs in the lyrics. We are watching a TED Talk and discussing the topic using new vocabulary right as they learn it. We take small quizzes and do peer correction to enable even more learning. I give the students a small grammar concept and they have 2 minutes to prepare it together and to teach it to the class. All of this happens while I write down mistakes on a white board that we later go over. This enables the student to complete their sentences and their thoughts without being interrupted. We go over the mistakes after that part of the lesson while it’s still fresh in their minds.

We use paper flashcards to learn prepositions, verbs with prepositions, and other things that are difficult to memorize. We use the flashcards kind of like a puzzle. The students work together to put them with the right verb, noun, etc.

We play bingo to improve our vocabulary or our listening skills. We have bingo cards where you have to listen to words such as cat, cut, cot and find the picture of that object. It’s not as easy as you think! English pronunciation is difficult!

I give you homework and show where the mistakes are and you correct them. I give you a chart of my abbreviations such as SP-spelling or WT-wrong tense so that you know exactly what the problem is and you can figure out the answer. This helps you be more aware of your mistakes and hopefully helps you prevent them the next time. You are always involved in your own learning! I’m just the guide!

I am always looking for new, innovative ways to teach and new technology that will help my students. I love my job and I think it shows!

As my student, you will also have free access to my google classroom as well as my Quizlet account with flashcards and games that you can put on your phone and take with you where ever you go. Are you waiting for the bus? Open Quizlet and do 5 minutes of phrasal verb flashcards. It keeps track of what you know and what you don’t so you can focus on just the things you need to learn!

If that sounds interesting to you, please get in contact with me! (Don’t worry! I will never, ever sell, share or publish your name, email or message!)

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