Prepositions of time: in, on, at

In, on and at are confusing for my students. Fortunately, there are some rules:

In + month, specific year or decades-In March, in 2003, in the 1980s

In + season of the year-In the summer, in the spring

In + the morning, the afternoon, the evening- In the morning

In + specific amount of time- In 2 hours, in a few weeks

On + date (with the year)-On March 1, 1981

On + date (or without it)- On March 1

On+ day of the week-On Monday, on Monday evening (we capitalize the days of the week!) 

On + the weekend (Am.E). On the weekend

On + my birthday

On + a holiday + day/eve-On Christmas Day/Eve, on New Year’s Day/Eve 

At + time (specific) 3:15. At 3:15

At + midnight, noon. At noon.

At + night- at night

At + sunrise/sunset

At + bedtime

At + breakfast/lunch(time)/dinner(time)

At + Christmas/Easter

At + the end of the day/night

At + weekend (Br. E) At weekend

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