Want to improve your English? Read!

Ok, you say you don’t have the time to read. You do! Find it. If becoming fluent is important to you, find the time. Find 15 minutes a day to read. Just FIFTEEN MINUTES. By the end of the week you will have read for 105 minutes! That’s nearly 2 hours a week! That’s 5,460 minutes a year and that equals 91 hours! Think about how much you will learn in 91 hours! 🙂 See how it all adds up?!

I have around a c1 level in Spanish and I want to improve. One of the best ways to improve is READ READ READ! Read magazines (my favorite is Quo!!), read the newspaper, read every single sign, every advertisement. Reading is essential if you are learning a foreign language. So in the links below, they’ve provided us with a list of books for each level.

C1 level: https://elblogdeidiomas.es/20-libros-de-lectura-en-ingles-nivel-c1/

B2 level: https://elblogdeidiomas.es/20-libros-de-lectura-en-ingles-nivel-b2/

B1 level: https://elblogdeidiomas.es/20-libros-en-ingles-nivel-b1/

It doesn’t matter when or where you read-just READ!


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