Verbs followed by gerunds part 1

There are thousands of rules in English. In this series, I will teach you which verbs are followed by gerunds (or infinitives) with 100% certainty (when they are followed by verbs! Look at the examples below). There are others that can be followed by both but first, I will teach you which ones are followed by gerunds or infinitives 100% of the time. (I love rules like this!Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.20.46 PM) Each post will include 4 verbs so that you can learn them little by little! 🙂

1. Admit+ gerund or +to+gerund

  • He admitted (to) cheating on the test.
  • We admitted to running the red light. (slang for not stopping when the stop light is red.)
  • I admitted making the mistake.

2.  Anticipate + gerund

  • I didn’t anticipate arriving late.
  • I anticipated having to stay after class.

3. Avoid+ gerund

  • Kaitlyn avoided talking to her friend.
  • He avoided doing his homework

4a. Can’t help + gerund

  • I can’t help being this way.
  • Kevin couldn’t help laughing when his sister spit out her food.
  • Jackson can’t help talking so loudly.

4b. Can’t see (understand) + gerund

  • I can’t see (understand) paying so much for a pair of shoes.
  • My mom can’t see (understand) buying so many books for such a short flight.





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