Test prep: Vocabulary: Where people work

Profession:              Where they work:

Accountant                in an office

Baker                         in a bakery

Builder                      in a home, building or office

Barber                       in a barbershop

Coach                         in a stadium, gym or outside on the field

Carpenter                  inside homes or businesses

CEO                             in a business

Chef                            in a kitchen in a hotel or restaurant

Cleaner                      in a private home or business

Dentist                       in a dentist’s office

Designer                   in a private home, in a company,

Doctor                       in a hospital

Electrician               in private homes or businesses

Engineer                 in a firm or company

Farmer                     outside in the fields

Fireman/firewoman outside

Housekeeper           in a private home or a hotel

Journalist                as a newspaper

Judge                        in a court of law

Lawyer                     in a court of law

Optician(also called eye doctor)        in an optician’s/eye doctor’s office

Paramedic                in an ambulance

Photographer          outside, in churches, in schools, etc.

Plumber                    in public buildings, private homes

Mailman (AmE)        outside, either walking or driving

Nanny                          in a private home

Nurse                           in a hospital, a doctor’s office, nursing home,etc

Postman (BrE)             outside, either walking or driving

Principal (*not principle) in a school

Professor                     in a university

Receptionist                in a company, usually the first person to greet a customer

Reporter                       in an office or out on the street

Sales assistant             in a store

Scientist                        in a laboratory

Surgeon                        in a hospital

Teacher                         in a school

Trash man                    outside going from house to house picking up trash

Truck driver                driving his truck from place to place delivering goods.

Veterinarian                in a veterinarian’s office

Waiter                            in a bar or restaurant

Waitress                        in a bar or restaurant

Writer                            at their own home or in an office

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