Word of the day:Jack-O-Lantern, the most important symbol of Halloween!

A tradition in my family (most American families with children) is to get the kids together, put down a ton of newspaper, markers or pencils, knives (used with adult supervision of course!) and PUMPKINS! We use our imaginations and transform our pumpkins into a jack-o-lanterns!

Here’s the process for those who are curious! (It’s messy!!)

First you have to pick out your pumpkin! (This is my niece and nephew from a loooonnngg time ago in Kansas City where we are from!)

getting pumpkins from the farm

Then, you need the supplies:

supplies needed A pumpkin, large knife and a small knife, a spoon to scoop out the insides. A permanent marker to draw the face and if you want, a candle and a lighter. If not, you’ll use a battery operated “candle”.

Then, you cut the top off of the pumpkin:

cutting top off pumpkin

Then, (this is the messy part!) you take out all of the pulp and seeds! You need to make sure to get all of it. It helps to dry out the inside a bit and you pumpkin will last a little longer.

Now, your pumpkin is all clean and ready to be transformed into a Jack-o-Lantern!!

empty pumpkin

Now, you choose what type of face you want your Jack-o-Lantern to have. A scary one? A silly one? I always make a cat!

Then, you cut out your face!

Then you put either a candle inside or a battery operated candle. You can put it anywhere outside but normally people put it by the door or on the stairs leading to the door.


What do you think of the holiday? Would you like to celebrate it? Tomorrow, I will have a special Halloween post to show you how we celebrate it!



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