How well do you know your phrasal verbs with put?

There are many phrasal verbs with put. Today we will focus on 9.

Phrasal verb-meaning

Put out-to extinguish a cigarette or a fire

Put through-to do something that causes someone else emotional pain

Put on-to wear clothing, to change clothing, to wear jewelry or other accessories.

Put away-to put something where it belongs

Put up-To put something where it belongs -or-to put something on the wall, such as a poster or a picture frame.

Put down-you have something in your hands and you put it on the table or the floor -or- to say something mean to someone to make them feel badly about themselves.

Put off-to delay doing something, to procrastinate

Put across-convey information, to tell someone information

Put together-something is in pieces and you arrange the pieces to make it whole

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Phrasal verbs with put

Choose the correct preposition to go with the sentences with put that make the most sense.

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