Phrasal verbs with the verb “agree”, there are 3, do you know them??

There are 3 phrasal verbs that use the verb agree. They can be confusing because they are very similar.

  1. Agree on– That one or more people say yes or no to an idea.
    1. ex  1: We can’t agree on a place to eat. (One person wants chinese food, one wants pizza and one wants BBQ)
    2. ex 2: We can’t agree on a date for our wedding. (One person wants a spring wedding, one wants a winter wedding.)
    3. ex 3: Kevin and Kaitlyn couldn’t agree on which movie to watch. (Kevin wanted to see the one about ghosts and Kaitlyn wanted to watch the one about lions)
  2. Agree to– To accept something
    1. ex 1: The painters agreed to come on short notice to paint the dance hall.
    2. ex 2: My boyfriend agreed to fix the sink when he gets home.
    3. ex 3: The teacher agreed to allow the student more time to write the essay.
  3. Agree with-to share an opinion
    1. ex 1: I agree with you, Ashtyn, it’s too cold to take the children for a walk.
    2. ex 2: I think we need to talk to Kaleb. He hasn’t been behaving well at school. Do you agree with me?
    3. ex 3: She agreed with me and said, yes, but I think we should speak with the teacher first to see if he is having any problems at school.
  4. Agree with-if a situation suits you or you are comfortable with it.
    1. ex 1: Country life agrees with me. (It means, I am very comfortable living in the country)
    2. ex 2: Being a teacher agrees with me! (It means I love my job and it feels natural to be a teacher)

So, there you have it! 3 phrasal verbs with agree!

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