5 phrasal verbs using the verb “to ask”.

There are a few more phrasal verbs that use the verb to ask but they aren’t used very often so I’d rather focus on the ones that will be more useful for you. You’ll see that this phrasal verb can be separated or kept together depending on how it is used.

Let’s start with ask for:

Ask for has a few different meanings.

  1. You can ask for something (money, a favor, a present, an object, something to eat/drink, etc)
    1. She asked her grandmother for $20.
    2. We asked for cokes before our meals.
    3. I asked for a telescope for my birthday.
    4. Kevin asked Kaitlyn to do a favor for him.
  2. You can ask for a person.
    1. Ashtyn called after you left for school and asked for you.
    2. Call the office and ask for mom, I need to talk to her.
  3. There’s an expression “asking for trouble” (**used in the gerund form)
    1. If you go out in that snowstorm, you are just asking for trouble. (It means that it is dangerous to go out because of the bad weather.)
    2. If you get back (together) with your ex boyfriend, you are asking for trouble. (Maybe the boyfriend was abusive and getting back together with him will be bad for you)
    3. If you eat that rotten apple, you are asking for trouble. (If you eat that rotten apple, you’re going to get sick)
    4. If you hire that guy, you are asking for trouble. (Maybe he is a known thief or is somehow known to be dishonest and if you hire him, he might steal from your company.)
  4. You can ask (someone) in. It means to invite someone into your home or another space.
    1. I went to Gaby’s office and she asked me in.
    2. Artie came over and I asked him in.
  5. You can ask someone out. If you ask someone out, it means you are asking them to go on a date with you because you are interested in them romantically.
    1. I really like Dominic, I think I will ask him out.
    2. You won’t believe what happened today! Jackson asked me out!


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