The verb “belong” as a phrasal verb

So, this one is an easy one! Seriously! This verb only has two uses as a phrasal verb, one is informal and one is more formal.

This is the most common use:

  1. This book belongs to me. (This is my book/This book is mine)
  2. This house belongs to me. (This is my house/This house is mine)
  3. That pen belongs to Kevin. (That is Kevin’s pen/That pen is Kevin’s)
  4. Those shoes belong to her. (Those are her shoes/Those shoes belong to her)
  5. That cat belongs to us. (That is our cat/That cat is ours)


This next use is pretty formal and is usually seen in writing.

  1. I belong to the ABC gym. (When speaking, we would say, I go to ABC gym)
  2. Kaitlyn belongs to the to soccer team. (When speaking, we would say, Kaitlyn is on the soccer team)
  3. Artie belongs to the Boy Scouts. (When speaking, we would say Artie is a Boy Scout)


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