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Think you know English grammar? Take this quiz! Error correction #1

In the following sentences you will find two mistakes. They will NOT be spelling mistakes. The mistakes will be grammar related only. You will rewrite the sentence with the proper punctuation and capital letters when needed. Good luck!

In this quiz, the possible mistakes could be the wrong verb tense, a missing word, an extra word or the wrong word order. Good luck!

Ashtyn keeped the bag blue even though her mother told her to give it back.
My grandparents stayed with us during two weeks. We traveled much together.
I lent money from my brother to buy a bike new.
Macey felled asleep right after dinner and slept for all night.


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Special request: Donations for my cat Artie

This is my cat Artie! I am trying to raise money to bring him to Spain!

Hello everyone! First I would like to tell you a little history on Artie. I found him almost dead on the street in August of 2008. He was 6 months old.  At that time he weighed 6 pounds. He had a very severe infection in his intestines and had diarrhea for at least a week that was so bad he required a bath daily. He had a fever for 3-4 days and was in the vet’s hospital for a few days. At this time, I didn’t want another cat, although he was beautiful (I already had 3) and I was fostering for a local shelter.
Here’s a pic of Artie when he was 7 months old.

artie kitten with toy.jpg

So, once Artie was healed, he was adopted through the Parkville Animal Shelter. He was in the new house for 5 days and the woman called and said that Artie was acting “funny”. My friend (who is in charge of the shelter I was working with) said he needs to go to the vet right now. Something doesn’t sound right and she said, I don’t have money to take him. So, my friend said take him to the vet or bring him back to the shelter so we can take him to the vet. She brought him back (I happened to be cleaning that night at the shelter) and Artie was just a pile of fur. He was definitely sick. So, we brought him right to the vet. His infection came back and it was bad. So, after a week of strong antibiotics and a lot of care, he was back to his old self and I adopted him myself. I didn’t want to lose him again.  By this time, he had fully recovered and weighed 9 pounds at 8 months old! Now he weighs 17 pounds! He is a very big boy!

Here’s Artie with some foster kittens. He was always a great boy with the new comers!



All the kittens in this photo are basically the same age…but Artie looks like an adult! haha


Here’s Artie with his sister, Ashtyn, who has since passed.


Then, I agreed to foster a diabetic, FIV+ cat named Jonathon…and it was love at first sight for those two. They truly loved each other and it was so sad when Jonathon got sick. He lived a happy and healthy, or at least managed illness, for over 2 years in my care.

And this was the last photo of them together. Later that day, we sadly had to euthanize Jonathon. But they were friends till the end. And poor Artie mourned that loss.


Then, I moved to Spain in 2014 and Artie stayed behind. I planned to stay for a year or a year and a half but some events have prevented me from returning to the US.  I will need to be in Spain at least another year, possibly more due to health problems I am in treatment for. I work as an English teacher here and we don’t make a lot of money. I am working extra and even working on Saturdays now but I worry that I will not have all of the money I need to get Artie here. I am working as much as possible even though I do not feel well.

I understand that some of you might think-if you want your cat, pay for it. But, the way I figure is that if someone wants to donate $1 or $5 to help out a cat be with his mother, they can do it. It’s their money. So, I have to try.

Artie has had a very rough time in the US in the last year or two. But recently he has had many changes in his little life. He lived with my mother but he fought with her cat. Then he was taken to my aunt’s house where there were problems. Then, he was given to a stranger and attacked for the 3 or 4 days he was there by the resident cat and thankfully the woman called my mom and brought Artie back. Then he went to my grandma’s house and FINALLY he is in a foster home of a friend. This friend has family in Madrid (where I live) and will come here in May or June and will bring Artie with her.

He came to her, defeated, depressed, stressed, scared and very thin.


But now, Artie is doing very well in her home and he is recovering nicely. He has even made a cat friend!

Here is what we need donations for:
Artie needs a passport-this means he needs blood work done to show Spain that he is free of disease, he also needs specific vaccinations. The passport is not free but I don’t know the price. (The major expense here is the vet visit, blood work, vaccinations and getting that certified with the state agricultural office)
We also need to pay for his plane ticket. He also needs a special carrier to fit under the seat of airplane. My friend’s plane ticket will be more expensive because she will have to take a specific flight. Cats (I don’t know about dogs) cannot enter the UK. So, she has to take a direct flight from the US to Madrid, which is more expensive.

So, I estimate all of the tests, vaccinations and passport for Artie will be around $300
His plane ticket is around $300 as well.
And $200 for the carrier and to pay the extra charge that my friend will have to pay for the special flight. (Cats cannot enter the UK so she has to find a direct flight from the US to Madrid, which is more expensive)

If you would like to help Artie get to me, I would be so, so grateful. I cannot travel right now so I can’t go get him. This is my only chance to get my boy. I appreciate any donation! Every $1 adds up!

You can go here to donate!

I very sincerely appreciate donations of any amount! Even $1/1 euro adds up! 🙂

You can also follow Artie’s journey to Spain on his instagram page!

Thank you from me and Artie!


You can go here to donate!


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Immersion Day in Madrid!

Why leave Madrid and spend hundreds of dollars when you can be in Madrid learning English with a native teacher?! I have been a teacher for 12 years. 100% of my focus is on you and helping you improve.

This event is for *1 person*, for 5 hours on a Saturday or a Sunday. We typically meet for coffee and have informal conversation. Then we go a park, a museum, the movies or just go for a walk. (We can do anything you want but we will always have a plan) We also have lunch together. Everyone who has done an immersion day has left happy and satisfied. The cost is 85 euros for 5 hours. You can pay in cash or through paypal. Please send me a message for more information at You can go here to read some of the feedback my students left for me.

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Too, very, really and so. What’s the difference? 

Too, very and really are similar but they are used differently. The best way to understand them is to see examples. You can see that the different words increase in severity.

For example, you can say both of these sentences:

  • This coffee is really hot-this means that it’s hot but you can drink it with no risk of hurting yourself.
  • This coffee is very hot-this means that although it’s very hot, you can still drink it but with a risk of hurting yourself if you drink too fast. (So, this coffee you would sip, not drink)
  • This coffee is so hot-this has a similar meaning to too.
  • This coffee is too hot-this means it is so hot that you will burn your mouth if you drink it.

Here’s another example:

  • I’m really excited for Christmas! On a scale of 1-10 you are a 8
  • I’m very excited for Christmas! On a scale of 1-10 you are a 9
  • I’m so excited for Christmas! On a scale of 1-10 you are a 10.
  • I’m too excited for Christmas! This sentence could be said but it sounds awkward.


  • Kevin is really kind. +
  • Kevin is very kind. ++
  • Kevin is so kind. +++
  • Kevin is too kind. This sentence can have too meanings. I could say that Kevin is too kind and it has a negative meaning. For example, Kevin gave every homeless person he saw $20 and now he has no money left for himself. He is too kind.
    • It has a positive meaning when you are thanking someone. You can say, thank you so much, you are too kind. It is a formal way of showing appreciation.


  • That house is big.
  • big house 1.jpeg
  • That house is really big.
  • really big house.jpeg
  • That house is very big.
  • big house.jpeg
  • That house is so big.
  • huge house
  • That house is too big.
  • huge house 1.jpeg


So, you’ll notice that we use all of these words before adjectives and after a verb.

That house (noun) is (verb) too big (adjective).

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To, too and two! Do you know which one is which?

So these are called heterographs. That means they have a different spelling and meaning but the same pronunciation.

  • To is used with verbs to make the infinitive form. To walk, to run, to sleep. It is also a synonym of towards. I’m walking to (towards) the store.
  • Too is a synonym of “also” or “as well”. I like strawberry ice cream too (also) (as well)! Too is less formal than the other two.
  • Two is the number 2. I want two ice cream cones. I want 2 pieces/slices of pizza.

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How well do you know your phrasal verbs with put?

There are many phrasal verbs with put. Today we will focus on 9.

Phrasal verb-meaning

Put out-to extinguish a cigarette or a fire

Put through-to do something that causes someone else emotional pain

Put on-to wear clothing, to change clothing, to wear jewelry or other accessories.

Put away-to put something where it belongs

Put up-To put something where it belongs -or-to put something on the wall, such as a poster or a picture frame.

Put down-you have something in your hands and you put it on the table or the floor -or- to say something mean to someone to make them feel badly about themselves.

Put off-to delay doing something, to procrastinate

Put across-convey information, to tell someone information

Put together-something is in pieces and you arrange the pieces to make it whole

Want to do some flashcards to review phrasal verbs with put? Click here to go to my quizlet page!

Then come back and take the quiz!

Phrasal verbs with put

Choose the correct preposition to go with the sentences with put that make the most sense.

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It’s HALLOWEEN!!! Time to celebrate!

Everyone dresses up! Even the cats! hahaha

Then you go out into the neighborhood saying TRICK OR TREAT!!!!

trick or treat

Then you come home and compare candy with your siblings, make some trades and EAT!


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Word of the day:Jack-O-Lantern, the most important symbol of Halloween!

A tradition in my family (most American families with children) is to get the kids together, put down a ton of newspaper, markers or pencils, knives (used with adult supervision of course!) and PUMPKINS! We use our imaginations and transform our pumpkins into a jack-o-lanterns!

Here’s the process for those who are curious! (It’s messy!!)

First you have to pick out your pumpkin! (This is my niece and nephew from a loooonnngg time ago in Kansas City where we are from!)

getting pumpkins from the farm

Then, you need the supplies:

supplies needed A pumpkin, large knife and a small knife, a spoon to scoop out the insides. A permanent marker to draw the face and if you want, a candle and a lighter. If not, you’ll use a battery operated “candle”.

Then, you cut the top off of the pumpkin:

cutting top off pumpkin

Then, (this is the messy part!) you take out all of the pulp and seeds! You need to make sure to get all of it. It helps to dry out the inside a bit and you pumpkin will last a little longer.

Now, your pumpkin is all clean and ready to be transformed into a Jack-o-Lantern!!

empty pumpkin

Now, you choose what type of face you want your Jack-o-Lantern to have. A scary one? A silly one? I always make a cat!

Then, you cut out your face!

Then you put either a candle inside or a battery operated candle. You can put it anywhere outside but normally people put it by the door or on the stairs leading to the door.


What do you think of the holiday? Would you like to celebrate it? Tomorrow, I will have a special Halloween post to show you how we celebrate it!



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Word of the day: MONSTER WEEK! The Grim Reaper

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 6.53.27 PM

AHHHHHHH so many memories!!! Listen to this song called the “Monster Mash”. It is and was very popular in the US. In my opinion, it’s THE Halloween song. They played it at school every Halloween party. Although now, I think they have a “fall party” instead of celebrating Halloween.

So, who is the Grim Reaper? Well, in short, he represents death. He is not a ghost, god or demon. He’s a “psychopomp”, whose primary function is to bring souls to the afterlife. He is tall and pale and resembles a skeleton. He wears a long black hooded cloak. He holds a scythe which he uses to get souls. He glides instead of walks. He doesn’t talk much but always has a smile on his face.

grim reaper 23.jpg


If you’d like to read more about the myth of the Grim Reaper click here.

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