Immersion class

In this class we spend the day together (between 5-7 hours) speaking English. We can meet for coffee, walk in the park, go to lunch, etc all while I am correcting your grammar and resolving your doubts. I also give you an english class to work on different grammar that you have problems with.

The day is really fun and I think all of the students I have had have learned a lot. I charge 15 euros per hour, so a 5 hour class is $75, 6 hours is 90 euros and 7 hours is 105 euros. We each pay for our own lunch.

I really work hard to ensure that you feel your time is being used wisely. My focus is on you and your grammar. My goal is that you learn new words, expressions, etc but also resolve any doubts that you might have had.

My goal is your goal! I want you to improve.

I hope to work with you soon!