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Comparatives: taller than, shorter than,etc

When we are using comparatives, we always say bigger than, smaller than. The word than makes the comparison and is required in the sentence.

Artie is bigger than Ashtyn.   Ashtyn is smaller than Artie.


Kristy is older than Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is younger than Kristy.

Kristy is bigger than Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is smaller than Kristy.


getting pumpkins from the farm

Kaitlyn is shorter than Kevin. Kevin is taller than Kaitlyn.


The giraffe has a longer neck than the turtle.  The turtle has a shorter neck than the giraffe.

The giraffe has longer legs than the turtle. The turtle has shorter legs than the giraffe.

The brown house is (much) larger than the yellow house. The yellow house is (much) smaller than the brown house.

The brown house has (many) more windows than the yellow house.

The elephant is heavier than the dog. The dog is lighter than the elephant.

The elephant weighs more than the dog. The dog weighs less than the elephant.

giraffe tall as the tree

The giraffe is as tall as the tree. The tree and the giraffe are (almost) the same height.

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