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Ways to say you are unhappy with something. Irate, irritated, annoyed and more.

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Angry is a more formal way to say mad but they can be used interchangeably.

Slightly angry/mad:

  • I’m irritated
  • I’m annoyed
  • I’m irked (slang, not offensive)
  • I’m frustrated



  • I’m pissed off (slang, offensive)
  • I’m p.o’d (slang, the less offensive form of the expression above. (We say I’m pee oh’d)
  • I’m just disgusted. This doesn’t mean that something is disgusting, it means that they are really bothered by someone else’s behavior.


As angry/mad as possible

  • I’m irate
  • I’m engraged
  • I’m furious
  • I’m seething mad (a less popular way to say that you are very angry)
  • I’m fuming mad (a less popular way to say that you are very angry)
  • I’m incensed. This one is when you are really furious. I don’t hear it often but when I do, I know the person is feeling very irate.
  • I’m just beside myself. (This is an expression that the older generation uses that means, they are so mad, they don’t even know what to do or say)
  • Blind rage-this is very extreme. Someone with blind rage is usually violent against someone else because they are so mad.
  • I’m livid! It means something similar to furious.

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