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Verbs followed by infinitives part 1

You might have read my post on verbs followed by gerunds. If you haven’t and you’d like to, go here.

So, in this post we will focus on verbs only followed by infinitives.

  1. Agree + infinitive
    • Kevin agreed to help me.
    • We agreed to bring a cake to the party.
  2. Appear + infinitive
    • His health appeared to be better.
    • Artie appeared to be drunk.
  3. Arrange + infinitive
    • Jackson arranged to stay with his cousin in Miami.
    • They arranged to bring a friend to the airport.
  4. Claim + infinitive
    • She claimed to be a princess.
    • They claimed to be older than they were.

Ready to take a quiz? This quiz covers this post and the gerund post part 1. (the link is above if you’d like to review!)

Verb followed by gerund of infinitive?

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