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What is the difference between I and me?

Both are first person singular pronouns. We use these to refer to ourselves.

I is a subject pronoun which means it’s used with a verb.

  • I am studying English. I + verb
  • I sleep 6 hours a night. I + verb
  • I go to the gym 3 times a week. I + verb
  • My friend and me  My friend and I 

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Me is an object pronoun which receives the action of the verb or “gets verbed” (that is totally made English up to help you understand better)

  • She asked me.  Someone verb + me
  • They told me.   Someone verb + me
  • You helped me.  Someone verb + me
  • My friend and me  My friend and I 


***It can also be an object of a preposition (such as with or to).

  • My brother finished reading his book so he gave it to me.
  • My friend went to the movies with me.

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