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Do you know the difference between ‘to say’ and ‘to tell’?

We use to say and to tell in reported speech, that means saying what someone else said to someone else in the past, what someone told you in the past or what you told someone in the past.

All you need to remember is this:

To say something

You tell someone something 

To say: 

I said I like cats.

Kevin said he likes cats.

We said we like cats.

They said they like cats.

To tell:

I told them that I liked cats.

Kevin told me that he liked cats.

We told her that we like cats.

They told us that they like cats.  

We usually follow ‘tell’ with a personal object (a person) (me, you, him, her, us, them)

***Sometimes in English we omit (leave out) the word that if we are speaking informally.

These are my cats from the past and now in their Halloween costumes Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 7.04.47 AM

If you aren’t ready to take the quiz go to my quizlet page to do some flashcards!

ok! time to take a quiz!

To say or to tell quiz #1

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Prepositions of time: in, on, at

In, on and at are confusing for my students. Fortunately, there are some rules:

In + month, specific year or decades-In March, in 2003, in the 1980s

In + season of the year-In the summer, in the spring

In + the morning, the afternoon, the evening- In the morning

In + specific amount of time- In 2 hours, in a few weeks

On + date (with the year)-On March 1, 1981

On + date (or without it)- On March 1

On+ day of the week-On Monday, on Monday evening (we capitalize the days of the week!) 

On + the weekend (Am.E). On the weekend

On + my birthday

On + a holiday + day/eve-On Christmas Day/Eve, on New Year’s Day/Eve 

At + time (specific) 3:15. At 3:15

At + midnight, noon. At noon.

At + night- at night

At + sunrise/sunset

At + bedtime

At + breakfast/lunch(time)/dinner(time)

At + Christmas/Easter

At + the end of the day/night

At + weekend (Br. E) At weekend

Want to review? Click here to go to my quizlet flashcard page!

Ready to take a small quiz?? 🙂

Prepositions of Time quiz #1


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